Customer Reviews;
“I use to get back-logged waiting for nice weather to stain. With 5-Minute Fence, I can stain my fences the same day I finish building them and in almost any weather condition.”
-D.B. Friday Harbor, WA

“ I ordered four bottles of 5-Minute Fence Stain online. I really didn't have high expectations. I was very pleased with the quick shipping. I was even more pleased with the great job. My fence looks beautiful. I reordered four more bottles to do the backside of my fence. There is no way I would have even attempted one side with a brush and roller."
-K.H. Kansas City, MO

“I just finished staining my fence with 5 Minute Fence Stain and all I can say is this stuff is great."
-J.D. Sanger, TX

“After building a pine fence, I did not like the green tint that came from the pressure treated wood. I stained my fence with the Dark Cedar color. It looks great.
-D.E. Jacksonville, FL

“I stained a fence a few years ago and swore I would never do it again. My neighbor used 5-Minute Fence Stain and convinced me to. Talk about an easy job. What took so long?”
-S.R. Hollister, CA

“Awesome, this stain worked great!”
-J.S. Topeka, KS

“I built a fence with the decorative lattice on top. With 5-Minute Fence, staining the lattice was as easy as the rest of the fence.”
-P.H. Fort Worth, TX

“I stained my fence without masking. I rinsed the over-spray off the lawn as I went. When I reached the last board on the fence I was finished, completely! It even rinsed off my picnic table.”
-G.B. Chicago, IL

“Love the product! Easy to use and easier cleanup!”
-P.W. Fort Worth, TX

“I've already used 3 bottles and it works great. Thanks for making me look so good.”
-P.R. San Antonio, TX

“I’ve used 5-Minute Fence Stain a number of times. There is no easier way to stain a fence. And it looks better than most professional jobs I have seen. I can’t wait for a 5-Minute house stain.”
-C.S. Renton, WA

“Unbelievably easy! I even stained my deck using 5-Minute Fence Stain. Deck and fence maintenance is no longer on my list of dreaded household chores.”
-K.N. Houston, TX

“I applied 5-Minute Fence Stain to an old fence after I had pressure washed it. The fence looks new again. I will never use a brush or roller again.”
-R.P. San Bruno, CA

“I put the stain on my fence last year and it still looks great."
-K.K. Houston, TX

“My neighbor and I purchased 5-Minute Fence Stain together. Between our two fences, we stained over 600 feet of fence. Working leisurely, we completed staining and clean up in just over an hour.”
-T.A. Dallas, TX

“Product works great. This is my second order”
-R.L. Columbus, OH

“WOW! My fence really looks great. I really didn’t intend to stain my fence until I saw your video. It was just as easy as it looked.”
-T.J. Miami, FL

“Repeat customer. I used 5-Minute Stain on my fence and deck. Very easy to apply.”
-V.M. Fort Mill, SC

“I was planning on having a vinyl fence built in order to avoid all the maintenance I was told I would have with a wood fence. What a mistake that would have been. I stained my entire fence in less than 30 minutes and it looks far nicer than a plastic fence ever could.”
-R.C. Sanford, NC

“Awesome product, easy to apply. It saved me a lot of time and money. I will be ordering more!”
-R.S. Romeoville, IL

“I received my bottle of stain yesterday afternoon and tried it immediately. It did a perfect job on my fence”
-T.N. Arlington, TX

“I had never painted or stained anything before. After giving up on getting my husband to stain the fence, I ordered 5-Minute Fence online and did the job myself. It was easy and it looks great.”
-K.S. San Jose, CA

“I just stained 225 linear feet of 8 foot high fence, both sides, in record time. I was very pleased with your product. Definitely as advertised.”
-M.P. West Chester, PA

“A local hardware store recommended 5-Minute Fence Stain when I was buying the lumber. I really didn't plan on staining the fence but the store clerk assured me that it would be easy. I started building the fence at 10:00 AM Saturday morning, and had finished by 4:00 PM Sunday afternoon. And, by 4:20 PM, the fence was completely stained.”
-N.S. Seattle, WA

We used this stain last year & are still very happy with the results. Thank you.
-J.R. Omaha, NE

“After building my fence, it took me less time to stain it than it did to put the tools away. Five Minute Fence is great!”
-L.G. Kingston, WA
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