Frequently Asked Questions

Will 5-Minute Fence work on lattice and arbor top fences?
Yes. In fact, no other fence stain works better for staining intricate or elaborate fences.

Come on, can you really stain a fence in just 5 minutes?
Yes, using 5-Minute Fence Stain you can stain 100 feet of fence in just 5 minutes. Most people who use our method are amazed at how quickly they can complete the job.

My house has poor water pressure. Can I still use 5-Minute Fence Stain?
Yes. 5-minute Fence Stain uses a metered spray nozzle that applies the proper mixture at any water pressure.

What happens if I get over-spray on the house or lawn?
Simply rinse off the over-spray with the same sprayer and garden hose you used to stain the fence. Set the sprayer to the “water” setting and rinse off the over-sprayed area before it has a chance to dry.

Is 5-Minute Fence Stain expensive?
No. 5-Minute Fence Stain contains no added water, you only pay for pure stain. And once the stain solution is combined with water from a standard garden hose, your cost per gallon is far less than most other stains available on the market. And don’t forget, you don’t need to purchase buckets, brushes, rollers or even masking materials. For pricing information, click on the "Order Online" button.

If 5-Minute Fence Stain is water-based will it come off in the rain?
Absolutely not. We get asked this question all the time. People assume that because the application is so simple, it will come off in the rain. Once the stain is dry, it is no more apt to come off in the rain than the water-based latex paint on your house.

Do I need to “back-roll” after applying the stain like you do with most other brands?
No. 5-Minute Fence is a penetrating stain. It is best not to “back-roll” in order to avoid brush or roller marks.

Will 5-Minute Fence Stain kill over-sprayed vegetation?
No. Over-sprayed grass and plants should be rinsed off with the spray nozzle set to the water setting. Vegetation that remains stained should not be harmed.

How much 5-Minute Fence Stain do I need for my fence?
One quart of 5-Minute Fence Stain covers 600 square feet of fence. That is 100 feet of 6 foot tall fence (or 50 feet both sides). An easy way too measure your fence is to count the number of fence sections and multiply by eight (most fences are built in eight foot sections).

When can I apply 5-Minute Fence Stain?
Apply 5-Minute Fence Stain any time there is no rain or freezing temperatures within 24 hours.

Will 5-Minute Fence Stain promote mildew growth like some oil based stains on the market?
No. Unlike linseed oil based stains, acrylic stains do not contain the nutrients that promote the mildew growth.

How long will 5-Minute Fence Stain last before I have to reapply the stain?
5-Minute Fence is a very durable acrylic stain. It carries a five year warranty, but like most quality stains on the market it should last much longer. Since vertical surfaces do not receive all the traffic and wear like a deck, fence stains tend to hold up better. As with any stain, the condition of the wood will also dictate how long the stain will last. We recommend staining your fence as soon as it is hung.

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